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Application Requirements:

All households must fall at or below 150 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Required Documentation:

  • Current photo ID for applicant

  • Proof of income for previous month for all household members over 18

    • The agency uses pay date from check stubs. Be sure to bring all stubs from the calendar month. For example, if you are filling out an application in December, income should be from November. Note: if any household member is over 18 and had no income the previous month, a Declaration of Household income form (included in the application packet) must be completed.

    • Household members who receive any type of monthly Social Security payment may present 2021 Social Security letter as proof of income.

    • Proof of vaccinations, if any

    • Veterinarian contact information

  • Medical documentation for all claimed illness or conditions where service animal or ESA Emotional support animal resides in home.

The SAFE Nutrition program provides emergency assistance with food and supplies for Cats and dogs for eligible residents.

After (2) Months of assistance the recipient must have their animal family members spayed or neutered. All animal served will be photographed and placed in our database. This will assist if the family member becomes lost an Animal alert will be sent to cell phones with photograph and information and a means to report sightings to family and RESCUES ON85TH. All vaccinations must be up to date. Where available RESCUES ON85TH offers Microchipping, and low to no cost vaccinations. If you are in need of household stabilization services, please visit our resources page.