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Volunteer Opportunities 

RESCUES ON85TH are always looking for dedicated volunteers who want to spend their time making a real difference in the lives of our FAms Furry Family Members.
We accept volunteers through VolunteerMatch.


RESCOURCE 365  Liasons

Volunteer needed for Community Liasons

Opportunity Details

Title: Navigating Resource 365 for FAM Furry Family Members Care and Assistance

Overview: This training video is designed to guide Volunteer Community Liaisons through the features and functionalities of the Resource 365 database provided by RESCUES ON85TH. The video aims to equip volunteers with the knowledge to effectively utilize the database to find local programs for callers, including but not limited to food banks, low cost vaccination services, financial assistance, adoptions, foster care, rescues services, life threatening grants for veterinarian cost, and more. The video also demonstrates how to share resources with callers in need.

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