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NUTRITION ONE combat food insecurity and ensure Furry Family Members thrive in happiness, comfort, and health, especially for struggling households. We deliver premium cat and dog food to your door, partnering with Doordash for safe, convenient delivery, prioritizing your well-being during social gatherings. Beyond nutrition, our donated items from companies across the United States include cat towers, sofas, disability ramps, and more, addressing diverse health needs of Furry Family Members. From joint-supporting orthopedic beds to anxiety-easing aids and mentally stimulating toys, we tailor solutions to enhance their well-being.



The VETGUARD VACCINATION Program, in collaboration with designated veterinarians like Dr. Vaughn Walker from Comforts of Care Veterinarian Mobile Clinic, provides essential veterinary services at reduced rates. Our program ensures that pets receive vital vaccinations and preventative care with the expertise of trusted professionals. Through partnerships we assist in making their healthcare more accessible and affordable by additionally providing further financial support to even lower cost or free.


Veterinary Assistance Network for Spay/Neuter (VANS)

COMING SOON Hopefully!

Spay and Neuter Vouchers.

Out walking the dog(s) Looking for Grants to pay for this program!

The Veterinary Assistance Network for Spay/Neuter (VANS) is dedicated to reducing pet overpopulation and promoting responsible companion care. Through financial assistance and resource coordination, VANS can help families with affordable spay/neuter vouchers, improving animal welfare and reducing shelter overcrowding, overpopulation, and euthanasia due to not fault of their own as they were not adopted into good homes.


"PetWise: Advocacy & Education Initiative"

"PetWise: Advocacy & Education Initiative" is a comprehensive program dedicated to promoting responsible Furry Family Member (FAM) ownership and advocating for the welfare of animals. Through educational resources, workshops, and community outreach, PetWise aims to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to provide the best care for their FAMs. Additionally, the program works to raise awareness about animal rights issues and supports initiatives that promote humane treatment of FAMs. PetWise strives to create a compassionate and informed community where FAMs are cherished members, and their well-being is a top priority.


729 HUB

Coming late May 2024, "729 HUB. The HUB is a Call Center that provides essential resources and assistance for addressing various animal-related issues, including low-cost options, food pantries in counties, homeless assistance, and more. Whether you require referrals for veterinary care, pet-friendly accommodations, affordable spay/neuter services, or other local support programs, our volunteer team at the 729 Call Center is dedicated to assisting you.

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