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Domestic Violence Technology Safety

Technology can assist victims and their children successfully flee violent batterers and stalkers, yet it is important to remember that technology can put a victim's privacy and safety at risk. Domestic violence victims are often stalked, threatened, or harassed by abusers who exploit technology as a tool to control and manipulate their victims. There are many dangerous and potentially lethal aspects of various technologies, especially when they fall into the hands of abusive individuals.

Advances in technology occur rapidly making it difficult to keep up with the changes, benefits and dangers. For instance, spyware programs, originally marketed to help parents protect their children while using the computer, can be used by abusers to monitor a victim’s computer use. Tracking devices in cars, which use a network of satellites, can help abusers determine their victim’s location. And cameras, disguised as teddy bears, picture frames and other household items can be placed throughout the home to monitor a victim's activities.

The following resources contain safety tips, information, and privacy strategies for survivors on the use of technology. If you are concerned about reaching out to help, here’s a handout on Seeking Help Online: Considerations for Survivors. To talk to someone who can answer your questions and support you, call the following national hotlines:

Internet of Things & Connected Devices

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