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Learn More About Our Routing Systems...

Example level 1 evaluation is given to animals who have been injured, neglected, or abused. Animals reported at levels 1 or 2 are in the middle of a crisis, whereas deceased animals are level 3 as an environmental issue, subject to 1) identification if present, or if unidentified destination to cremation services and surname given, with paw imprint preserved.

Food Distribution: No.85 will distribute dog food and supplies through a local community ministry. The ministry has been setup to provide food and utility assistance to low-income individuals or those struggling. Many of these households having dogs/cats of which human food is shared for the animals' survivals as well as owners. By providing dog/cat food via this means, we can assist in sustaining the household, and prevent surrender to overcrowded animal shelter. 

First Aid Video Series and (AEMS) Animal Emergency Management Service

Our 4-year goal is to purchase and equip 2-two (AEMS) Animal Emergency Management Service vehicles and trained volunteer EMT crew to encompass, CPR (canine/feline) mask for human-to-K9 CPR and a tourniquet, choking management (conscious and unconscious), bleeding control and more. 

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