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Application Requirements & Disclaimer

All households must fall at or below 150 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Required Documentation:

  • Current photo ID for applicant

  • Proof of income for the previous month for all household members over 18

    • The agency uses pay dates from check stubs. Be sure to bring all stubs from the calendar month. For example, if you are filling out an application in December, income should be from November. Note: if any household member is over 18 and had no income the previous month, a Declaration of Household income form (included in the application packet) must be completed.

    • Household members who receive any type of monthly Social Security payment may present 2021 Social Security letter as proof of income.

    • Proof of vaccinations, if any.

    • Veterinarian contact information


Product Policy

Account Status. Participant account should be in good standing to receive specialty item(s).
Housing Status. Housing conditions must be safe and free of debris and clutter.
Lease or Property Agreement. If under a leasing agreement, you are assuming that you are allowed animals on the property to reside inside or outside the property.
Warranty. RESCUES ON85TH does not guarantee any warranty on products. All products are new and given to you on a no-cost basis. This service is not meant to assist, not replace, their care.
Rulings and Guidelines. RESCUES ON85TH implemented a policy to verify cat and/or dog ownership in order to have a set of rules and regulations. These rules are provided to assist us in distributing all products fairly and correctly. We will ask your veterinarian for your name, contact information, and if you are the owner of the cat(s) or dog(s), you have listed on your application. If you do not have a veterinarian, specialty item(s) shall be held for you until such documents are acquired for up to 10 days. After this time, special products will be distributed to the next qualifying participant. You will have an additional waiting period for the item you requested to be available to you again.
TETHERING.  Clients must agree not to have their animals chained 24 hours to any object. All animals must only be changed to their doghouse or any object or left on a chain 24 hours period with a break. If animals are reported, your account will be on a holding period until we have determined further investigation.  No products or services will be provided to your household.     
INDEMNIFICATION. Client(s) agree to hold harmless RESCUES ON85TH from all claims, losses, expenses, and fees, including attorney fees, costs, and judgments that may be asserted against RESCUES ON85TH that may result from the acts or omissions of RESCUES ON85TH, including its partner agencies and subsidies.
REMEDIES. Clients failure to perform any provision, term, or condition of this form, the other party may terminate the Account by giving you written notice.  This notice will explain the nature of the temporary hold on the account.  The party receiving such notice will have 10 days from the effective date of such notice to fix the default(s).  Unless waived by a party providing notice, the failure to cure the default(s) within such time period shall result in the automatic termination of this Contract. 

Client must agree and confirm that the above is true and correct. I agree not to tether and understand that there is no warranty on products provided to me free of cost, that I will not trade, barter, or sell the products, and agree to the hold harmless clause presented in this document. If a client needs help understanding any part of this document, they can make a written or verbal request for assistance from a RESCUES ON855TH representative or volunteer.


  • 1. Purpose of Fraud Policy The Bank’s Fraud Policy sets out the responsibility of employees and management in relation to reporting fraud or suspected fraud within the RESCUES ON85TH Programs.
    1 Though there is some overlap between this policy and the Confidential Disclosures (‘Whistleblowing’) Policy, it is important to note that the reportage of fraud is mandatory. However, fraud and/or suspected fraud can also be reported under the Confidential Disclosures (‘Whistleblowing’) Policy. 
    2. Scope of Fraud Policy The Fraud Policy applies to any irregularity, or suspected irregularity, involving employees and, where appropriate, consultants, vendors, contractors, outside agencies doing business with the Bank or employees of such agencies, and/or any other parties having a business relationship with the Bank. For the purposes of the policy, the term ‘employee’ includes individuals who work within the Bank, such as external consultants, contractors, agency personnel, and Central Bank Commission members. 
    3. Definition of Fraud Fraud can be broadly defined as an intentional act of deceit to obtain an unjust/illegal advantage. 
    For the purposes of the policy, fraud shall include but is not limited to: 
    Theft or misappropriation of assets owned or managed by the Bank; 
    submitting false claims for payments or reimbursement;  
    Accepting or offering a bribe or accepting gifts or other favors under circumstances that might lead to the inference that the gift or favor was intended to influence a RESCUES ON85THs' staff on decision-making while participating in its programs, affiliates, or subsidies.;
    Fraud Management Policy and Procedure August 2014 
    4  Blackmail or extortion;  'Off the books' accounting, or making false or fictitious entries;  Knowingly creating and/or distributing false or misleading financial reports;  Paying of excessive prices or fees where justification thereof is not documented;  Violation of the Bank’s procedures with the aim of personal gain or to the detriment of the Bank;  Wilful negligence intended to cause damage to the material interest of the Bank; and  A dishonorable or reckless or deliberate act against the interests of the Bank. 4. Responsibility for the Prevention and Detection of Fraud All employees are responsible for guarding against fraud. Employees are expected to identify processes and procedures that may be vulnerable to fraud and to draw such instances to the attention of management in their division.

  • REQUESTS: All requests (excluding dog/cat food) for specialty items listed here can be made via email at

  • WHAT'S A FAM?  A FAM is a Furry Family Member, cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, reptiles, hamsters and any other animal that is family, they are NOT IDENTIFIED OR CONSIDERED PETS, NOR PROPERTY; they are valued lives and should be treated respectfully and compassionately.

  • Reminder: Quantities are limited. You will receive an email for availability, location, and time for pick-up. A release form is required at the time of pickup. FAMS must have vaccination documentation to receive item(s).

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