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Oportunidades de voluntariado 

¡RESCUES ON85TH siempre está buscando voluntarios dedicados que quieran pasar su tiempo marcando una diferencia real en la vida de nuestras mascotas!
Reclutamos voluntarios a través de VolunteerMatch.


Coordinador de Colocación

Oportunidad de voluntariado para coordinador de colocación para nuestra página Adopt A Pet.

Detalles de la oportunidad

Title: Navigating Resource 365 for FAM Furry Family Members Care and Assistance

Overview: This training video is designed to guide Community Volunteers through the features and functionalities of the Resource 365 database provided by RESCUES ON85TH. The video aims to equip volunteers with the knowledge to effectively utilize the database to assist families with finding resources for their (FAMs) Furry Family Members, and share information to assist rescues, shelters, and other animal related agencies which may be undisclosed to further their mission. The video also demonstrates how specialist will create these resources for the 365 database.

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