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Hello, My Name is Thunder..

Meet Thunder a sweet brindle pitbull. We venture to find out his story, why he's lost, what he needs, and help him find his way home.

My Story

Hi, this is Thunder, and I wish I could have introduced him to you under better circumstances. But the situation is one of emergency. You see our community at and around 85th street keeps a close eye on its community. Well for some time Thunder has been spotted and requires your help. It is estimated that he has mange according to his owner. Although the owner has managed to have someone to build him a dog house from the cold winters night which have to reach 37 degrees. We set out to find his story, how we can help, and assist her owner if possible. Thunder needs professional evaluation, which only can be met through a veterinarian.

Thunders hair loss is  from her face, ears,  and spreading quickly to her body. We need your help with veterinarian services and we have place a registry for her other needs. In contacting the owner he simply did not have the money to help her, neither knew where to turn for help. It is one thing to find her, report her being loose, yet another issue to actually help this specific situation. But I'm sure together as a community and communities interlocked together, we can raise funds to help Thunder!!!! Thunder will have a dog house build, but to have Thunder sick in it with no fur to cover her from the brisk temperatures is another issue all together. This is a major Crisis!!!! 

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