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Tuna Dog Food
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The nutrition one program assists qualifying low-income families in Alabama by providing $0 cost dog or cat food. This program may also include the distribution of cat litter, microchipping or GPS Collars, leashes, bowls, or toys. The type of food may vary, but we try to match the dog's or cat's diet, being careful not to disrupt the change in diet, causing an upset in digestion. We distribute on first come first serve but give priority to those who have registered accounts.  To qualify see  Terms and Conditions before applying.  APPLY HERE!

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Chicken Dog Food


Animal-TV Series

 Coming up! Each and every week, Pet TV shares a fun, interesting, and informative series about pet-friendly locations, GAMER events, veterinarian clinics, and more. Join our host for giving adults refresher courses and teaching kids how to properly care for their FAMs.

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