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When struggling households who face food insecurity, are more likely to experience that their [FAMs] Furry Family members face hunger as well. The NUTRITION ONE program assists qualifying low-income families in Alabama experiencing food insecurity, by providing $0 cost dog or cat food, freeing up financial cost to be applied toward human food or housing costs. NUTRITION ONE may also include the distribution of cat litter, microchipping or GPS Collars, leashes, bowls, or toys, where available. The type of food may vary, but we try to match the dog's or cat's diet, being careful not to disrupt the change in diet, causing an upset in digestion. We distribute on first come first serve but give priority to those who have registered accounts.  To qualify see  Terms and Conditions.  Distibution Calendar HERE!

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 Spaying and neutering is the single most effective way to keep unwanted animals from entering a shelter, decreasing the chances of an animal being euthanized. It decreases amount of animals being born into the community. It decreases the chances of more being surrendered to a shelter simply because someone has too many. In 2023 RESCUES ON85TH will launch its SNIP! TAT! TRAP! RELEASE! Spay and neuter assistance program. (COMING SOON!) 

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RESCUES ON85TH page is a web service that advocates pet adoption, gathering information from prospective families to meet and match their next family member. is sponsored by Nestlé Purina and Bayer Animal Health. Getting New Adoptees Ready!

Alternatively we feature Greater Birmingham Humane Society Furry Family Members on Facebook.



Through our partnership with a Pet's Funeral Home, we can provide burial services for deceased strays or lost animals. If the family has been located, via scanned microchip or tag, we report our findings to the owner and the provider can offer grief counseling for the family. Both RESCUE85 & Pet Funeral home agreed to create a paw print encased in a plaster mold, wrapped in a beautiful white silkscreen netting, tied with a bow, with the animal's name engraved on the back. If a stray is found with no identification, RESCUE85 keeps the paw print preserving their memory, and provides them with a name imprinted onto the mold, kept at RESCUES ON85TH as a remembrance.


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