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lRestrictions for this program:

  • Only one applicant per household will be accepted.

  • Our goal is to provide a two week supply of pet food per household, up to a reasonable limit. 

  • Only the applicant may pick up the food - unless other arrangements have been made. Photo identification and proof of limited/low income is required at pick up,

  • Agree that pets are for companionship and not for breeding or illegal activities

  • Agree to maintain healthy condition/environment living conditions for all pets,.

  • Agree to give fresh water daily

  • Agree not to tether or chain dog or cat 24/7

  • Agree that you understand that the quantities and brands of food as well as distribution limits are subject to change

  • Recipients MUST show proof of limited/low income to register for this program. Acceptable proof includes:

    • SOM Medicaid or Medical Assistance Card

    • FIP (Family Independence Program)

    • Social Security Disability

    • Food Stamps/Bridge Card, WIC​

  • ​Pick up day is once a month, when donations are available. We must limit the number of pets that are given food.

Donations allow us to provide this assistance:

We are able to buy in bulk for discounts but if you would like to donate food, please ensure it is in original packaging. 

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