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Child Star

No.85 is searching for a match for a voice-over of characters within an animated series. A Non-profit was created from that event into Rescues On85th (No.85). We are now in the process of making educational videos for kids and adults leading to digital ads, storylines, and commercials, that will run on YouTube, Facebook, and other media formats. 

The applicant(s) role is to imagine, produce and deliver voice-overs to those media formats. Applicants will be compensated per ad and storyline, and any other use of their voice-overs. The voiceover will be added to animation with the talents of writers, editors. We are looking for a person that gives the designated character their voice and tells the story of the specific adventures. 

The ads or storyline can take many approaches, such as a trailer cut from existing footage, teaching how to care and adopt pets, the pain of pets being surrendered, and much more. This position must be remote due to Covid-19.

Preparation and set-up begin March 9, 2022, and Project starts April 2, 2022.

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Voice-Over Actor

  • Strong Ability to storytelling and attentive to details in script.

  • Previous experience in voice-overs

  • Applicants must have written permission and be under the supervision of a parent or custodian, if the applicant is under the age of 18.

  • To be considered, applicants must have examples voice-overs in different settings, such as happy, sad, energetic, and super-hero style mood. This position can be remote or in our studio. Preferably remote due to Covid-19.

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