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 No.85 is built on the principles of delivering quality performance, outstanding and reliable services. Our bilingual agents provide onsite or telephonic interpretation, as well as document translation in all languages

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Communication Specialist

  1. Candidate Qualifications:

  2. Fluency in one or more of the following: English, Spanish, sign language, and one other language(s) at a level of about 90% (ACTFL exam/score at an advanced intermediate and higher is ideal and the Bridging the Gap/CCHCP standard)

  3. Age 18 and above.

  4. Grade 11 reading level. GED/High school Diploma as a minimum preferred

  5. Professional Interpreting Certificate (TCI, BTG, MiTiO) as a minimum preferred

  6. Professional habits: punctuality, presentation, speaking style, timely assignments report & invoicing submission

  7. Paperless time tracking/invoicing software, smartphone platform 

  8. Work Location: Multiple Locations

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