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A Character Performer entertains others through music, dance, theater, stage entertainment, and arts. This entails expressing talents that bring the imagination to the young at heart and of any age. No.85 characters, through live shows, events, fundraisers, adoption campaigns, or through recordings. While the performance determines the exact day-to-day duties, the following are certain common tasks seen from the Character Performer – entertaining audience through recorded or live shows, and exhibitions; participating in rehearsalsmaintaining a positive guest experience, caring for props and costumes; collaborating with other artists for creating contents, and outline choreography.

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Character Performer


  1. Represent all dogs, especially strays, and those awaiting adoption.

  2. Ability to handle costume movements. (Doctors physical required)

  3. Previous mascot or entertainment experience preferred

  4. Must be able to interact with fans in an energetic and professional manner

  5. Must have a desire to perform in front of an audience

  6. Must be physically capable of performing a character in the heat (breaks provided often) costume has cooling ststem

  7. Strong organization, planning and implementation skills.

  8. Availability for multiple locations

  9. Meet and greet fans prior to, during, and after event

  10. Execute creative and unique fan engagement interactions to drive excitement and create lasting memories

  11. Maintain and organize mascot supplies and cleanliness of costume

  12. Provide an unforgettable experience for fans of all ages

  13. Perform duties in a respectful manner deemed acceptable according to representing  No.85 rescue.

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