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Our network team includes pet cremators (Level 3) and local veterinarians (Levels 1 and 2) assigned to injured and rescued animals.

Police are designated as Level 1 if, an animal needs to be removed from property due to abuse and/or neglect, and the owners' refusal to surrender the animal(s).

Our base uses:

  • Integrated dashboards

  • Pass down notes from post to post

  • Live GPS Maps for tracing tracking route

  • Scheduling for tasks and volunteer areas scans

  • Automation of sending recurring tasks, reminders, or emergency reports.

  • Messaging via mobile app for field volunteers.

Offsite drivers receive instant notifications on their phone with details of the task to be completed. Notification includes pictures, notes, and audio files.

Once complete, the offsite driver submits the completed task, it is sent back to the base accessor. The monitor will show when the base accessors has received the task, confirm it, and close the Daily Activity Reports and summarizes.

GPS Tracking ensures that Offsite drivers do not:

  • Report from outside the assigned area;

  • Misses a reported sighting or leaves one assigned area unauthorized;

  • Has an overdue task that needs to be performed by a specific time;

  • Does not sweep enough checkpoints within a preset timeframe.

Through EXACTA we have a geographic and demographic listing of households with low income, pet owners between the ages of 55-88 disabled individuals, without a car, with addresses, emails, and names are obtained for direct mailings, so we can reach the target audience.

ON85th makes its debut campaign by implementing our Mascot," Kurt Russell". We work with a world leader in custom-made brand animation & sports mascot character design manufacturer to bring the once stray found that started it all to a life size animated character. We will make appearances to bring awareness of spay and neutering, vaccinations, animal abuse and neglect. We will conduct fund- raising events for our assistance programs, additional funding will derive from our online store featuring pet products ranging from dog PJ's. raincoats, electronic treat disperser, and more.

Each and every detail is important no matter how small or large, because each detail can sway the difference between success and try again as there is no failure.

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